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What is delivered with the wedding photo shoot?

Personalized USB&BOX containing the edited images of the photo shoot in high resolution.

How long does standard employment coverage last for a wedding?

Our standard coverage is 10 hours of work usually starting with the bride's preparations.

How many days does it take from the wedding to the delivery of the photo shoot?

The delivery of the files edited inside the USB&BOX varies from the month in which the wedding date is and the honeymoon of the spouses.

We deliver the edited high resolution files Approximately between 10 days and 60 days from the wedding date.

What is delivered with the album?

We don't have album packs, but we create a customized order for the bride and groom made up of several elements of your choice without binding any purchase.

Are the original videos of the day delivered?

Yes, we deliver the original shooting files with an additional cost of €150 to the estimate.

Are high resolution wedding photography files delivered?

Yes, we deliver the photo shoot files in high resolution and already edited inside the USB&BOX.

Is it mandatory to make the album?

No, it's not mandatory to make an album, even if we believe it's an added value that enhances the memory of your most important day.

How many operators does Andrea Papi Photographer's team consist of?


•the photographic team consists of 3 elements

•the video team is made up of 2 video makers

Is it possible to see the style of a wedding album layout?

Yes, you can see a simple, clean and design one here:

To see many other layouts, just make an appointment without obligation in our photographic studio.

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